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Little Canada


Submitted by admin on Wed, 03/02/2016 - 11:20
Miranda dog groomer

Maranda has always been a big dog lover. She grew up with blue heelers and her mom has always had a Maltese. From a very young age Maranda was interested in the beauty industry, while working at a beauty salon she took on a part time reception job at Michele’s Paw Spa. Little did Maranda know that, that day was going to change her whole life. It didn’t take too long before Maranda was begging Michele to teach her to groom dogs. She had to start at the bottom and work her way up. First she was able to bathe dogs, and then she learned nail trims, and finally Michele put a clipper in her hands and taught her how to groom! She is blessed to be working with a great group of women who all have been willing to teach her the tricks of the trades all throughout her learning journey.

If asked if Maranda has a favorite breed to groom, she wouldn’t be able to pick one. Newfies and giant breeds do steal her heart, as well as doodles and cockapoo’s. As well as anything shiatzu, as she has a shiatzu mix of her own. Blue Heelers / cattle dogs do tug on her heart strings and basset hounds, they get her every time. So does she have a favorite? Yes, pretty much all of them.

She is having so much fun learning and growing every day. This isn’t just a job for Maranda, it’s a passion. And she can’t wait to see how her journey plays out.



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